Legal Requirements

While I guarantee that I’ll make your marriage ceremony and really happy uplifting event, there are a few boring legal hoops that every marrying couple need to jump through prior to saying ‘I Do’.  These are a requirement set out by the Attorney General’s Department to ensure that anybody who is intending to marry, is doing so with the correct intent and their proposed union is in accordance with the Australian Marriage Act 1961.

The good news is that I’ll be able to look after almost ALL if your legal stuff and I can guide you along the right path if you need to follow up on anything that may get a bit difficult.

All couples intending to marry need to complete a NOIM (which I will help you with) and present me with a couple of key forms of identification, it’s that simple.

If you’re intending to have a ‘Commitment ceremony’ we can skip all of the legal requirements and just have a ceremonial wedding, however please note that I will only perform this if it’s 100% consensual and both parties are willing to be a part of it.  Commitment ceremonies are not considered legal marriages