Fees & Services

There are a number of options available for couples when planning their marriage, but to make it a bit easier, I have broken it down into 4 standard options. Each of these options has a different fee structure, so you can plan your marriage based on the ceremony you like or on your budget.

Some “Locations Weddings’ require travel, accomodation or special requests which adds to the cost of the basic ceremony. Before you get too deeply into your planning phase, I will outline all of the costs associated.  I have a full fee structure available upon request (Click here) .   I will gladly send you the PDF.

I have 4 individual ceremonies available ranging from  ‘Registry (ideal for couples considering and overseas marriage)’ and ‘Elopement ( small & intimate) ‘ ceremonies right through to the ‘Modern’ and ‘Traditional’ ceremonies. I also offer ceremonies that can be fully customised to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Australian Government law requires that for a marriage to be legal, there is a set format that MUST be adhered to and certain documents MUST be produced and legal paperwork completed. No matter what option you choose, I am bound by Australian Federal Law to follow these steps, but the fun stuff is entirely up to you.