Registry Weddings

My Registry Weddings are for couples who want to ensure they are legally married, but want to avoid a lot of the pressure, expense and pre-planning that is usually required.

Are you getting married overseas (i.e. Bali wedding)? – You can legalise your overseas location wedding with a quick & easy ‘Registry’ wedding here in Perth before you fly out.

Privacy – You, your spouse and a couple of witnesses are all that’s required to perform a ‘Registry’ wedding

Cost effective  – This is the best way to keep your wedding costs down while still having a legal ceremony.

Visa requirements  – This is for couples who are applying for Fiancé or Prospective Marriage Visas through the Department of Immigration

Less pressure – It can be as intimate and private as you like, not one for a big expensive wedding?

Legal stuff – As a Commonwealth Civil Celebrant, I am authorised to look after ALL of the legal marriage lodgement documentation. I will also be able to advise you if there is anything else that may be legally required in order to make your marriage complete.  It’s very important know that a Registry wedding still needs to be performed in accordance with the Australia Marriage Act, to be deemed a ‘legal’ marriage. This means you’ll both need to be over 18yo, have relevant identification, you’ll need two witnesses and you need to lodge your marriage request no less than 31 days before your marriage (I can assist with this). There are other requirements, but we can discuss this.