Marriage Equality

I have a strong commitment to support marriage equality in Australia and I firmly belief that all loving relationships should (and will eventually) be legally recognised in this country.

As a Commonwealth appointed Civil Celebrant,  I’m legally obliged to announce during my ceremonies that “marriage according to the law in Australia, is the union between and man and a woman…”  however I’m now finding that more and more couples are asking me to add passages that acknowledge and recognise their GLBT friends and family, with the hope that ALL Australians will one day, share in the same joy in marriage as they do.

If this is important to you, I will happily include similar passages in your ceremony. However I am not permitted to change any of the legal wording currently required by the Australian Marriage Act 1961

As someone with a number of friends and family in same sex relationships, I will always fight for same sex marriages and true marriage equality in this country – Love is love!